Do you want to build a home theatre/music room from a vacant house room? There’s one nagging question, where do I begin? I want it all!  What can I afford? What is possible? We realise that people would like the latest and greatest in theatre design, however, this comes at a high cost. As consultants, we advise on what we think is a good fit for your project, and work within any budget. We pride ourselves on doing small room conversions, but if you want the grand and expensive, we can also address that. Hopefully below, we will outline not the fine detail in remodelling a new home theatre room or listening room, but more about what considerations you may want to consider in the process of detailing in what you are trying to achieve. Obviously, everything comes at a price. The more items considered below, the more it will cost. Is there a balance point where we can achieve great results without spending an arm and a leg? The answer is probably yes! Our company, Support Technology has the knowledge and down to earth experience to guide you on this exciting journey. You won’t be disappointed!


Initial Planning and Construction:  

Because you are remodelling a room from scratch, it stands to reason we are going to strip the room bare before we start the rebuild. The level of stripping is very dependent on how far your budget spans. If you able to rip the walls down to the studs, then this gives us great design flexibility, allowing for much-improved functionality. Obviously, reducing the room strip will only lower the design flexibility. Room Shape, Size and Positioning are all fixed; there is nothing much that can be done in this space. Additionally, A/C venting, Window and Door Locations need to be considered in the room refit.

  • Potential Changes in Room Wall Cladding

  • Potential Changes in Ceiling Cladding

  • Room Ceiling Height Changes (building false ceilings)

  • Ceiling Cavity Spacing

  • Room Floor (Concrete, Tile, Carpet) Changes

  • Type of Lighting Changes

  • Light Locations Changes

  • Changes of Power Cable runs into the room

  • Running of additional cables into the room

  • Changes  to the positioning of Power Sockets

  • Where to Locate Additional Sockets

  • Location of other wall socket mountings

  • Changes in Room Power Requirements

  • Change in Room Noise Proofing

  • Room Colour Painting Considerations

After Room Construction:  

  • Provisioning Floor Materials (Carpets, Tiles, Pressed Concrete, etc)

  • Room Colours

  • Selection of Equipment Shelving

  • Furniture Selection

  • A/V Equipment Selection

  • Projector Mounting

Support Technology is THX Level III certified. We are the only Brisbane-based certified theatre room calibrators. This means that we have the skill sets to fine-tune your theatre space, to optimise your visual and listening experience. We achieve this by using sophisticated computer-based software that analyses your room characteristics and presents a report outlining a methodology to correct room issues. Solutions will generally encompass the modification of your room space, equipment recommendations and the tight integration of the audio/video environment to your needs. You will be amazed at what we are able to do!

Additional Weblinks:

Searching the web, there are many websites that provide information on home theatre room construction. The availability of sites is continuously evolving. The site represents a detailed design and build compendium of information regarding this topic. It is extensive and we are not associated with this organisation. Unfortunately, there is a sign on fee that is necessary to access this site.