Are you confused by the plethora of A/V equipment available in the marketplace? You walk into a JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, high-end audio/video store or checked out the many A/V websites, and have simply been overwhelmed by the choice of selection, pricing and what products actually do!


What do I buy? Obviously, it is based on what you are trying to achieve, but even in this area, there are many products, many services and many support issues to be addressed. There are now classes of equipment that didn't exist 10 years ago, 5 years ago. How do I deploy and integrate this technology into my A/V room? How do I wire things up? How do I set up these pieces of equipment to be optimised in my house environment? Most equipment these days require connection to the internet, most equipment requires updating of firmware, most equipment requires some form of setup. We conquer those fears. We deal with the difficult, the awkward and the time-consuming operations needed to configure an audio/video space.


We at Support Technology pride ourselves on delivering impartial and relevant advice. We are here to help, build a relation, and try to define a path that meets your goals, your expectations, at a price that is reasonable.