I have an audio/video room. I am happy with my room, but there are little things I can do to improve the experience. It's the little things that matter. What can I do to enhance my experience? We at Support Technology take on the awkward and the little dirty jobs that no one wants to do. These are jobs that do not bring in much revenue to the box shifters, these are the jobs that are difficult to do. These are the jobs that Support Technology does! Below is a working list of the sorts of jobs that we have expertise in, and are prepared to implement on your behalf. 


  • Upgrade room lighting systems

  • Upgrade electrical wiring in your room

  • Room re-painting

  • Refurbish room furniture

  • Selection of audio/video equipment cabinetry 

  • Re-location and re-wiring of equipment cabinetry 

  • Set up of turntables/arms/cartridges 

  • A Record/LP cleaning service

  • Testing equipment integrity

  • Gaming setups

  • Connecting PC/Phone related technologies into the framework of the audio/video equipment

  • Projector mounting

  • Projector bulb changing

  • Re-cabling systems

  • Setting up related IT services

  • Software recommendations, deployments to support your A/V environment

  • Analysing, problem-solving and debugging non-functional environments  

  • Education in A/V room maintenance 

  • Cleaning services




It's a bit like drinking a drop of Grange, beautiful things come in small packages! We can deliver an experience to heighten the senses. Why deprive yourself of the little things that can bring great pleasure to your audio/video experience? We are here to deliver!