Red Hat Learning Subscription

Red Hat Learning Subscriptions provides convenient, on-demand access to the high-quality content of our traditional classrooms. Enhance your knowledge with cloud-based labs, and more.


Users will gain access to Red Hat online training resources in a single, annual subscription. Watch videos, take courses, and complete hands-on labs online, at your own pace. Customize your learning experience to access online training classes, certification exams, or video courses by choosing your subscription tier.

Ways to Learn


Access a variety of training in one place

With Red Hat Learning Subscription, you can gain more in-depth knowledge through different types of training to fit your learning style.

Online Training

  • High-quality course content

  • Webinars by senior instructors, course content authors, and senior practitioners

  • Immediate feedback through knowledge checks

  • Preparation for a Red Hat Certification exam

  • Cloud-based labs

Video Classroom

  • Instructor insight, including whiteboards

  • Full, searchable transcripts

  • Cloud-based labs

Inclusions - Basic Subscription Level

One Year of Access

Access all Red Hat Online Learning and Video Classroom courses.

Hands-on Practice

Up to 400 hours of access to cloud-based labs.

Supplemental Videos

More than 300 recorded instructor videos.

Video Classroom

High-definition training for our most popular courses.