Support Technology specialises in Oracle Databases, Development Tools and Web-Based Infrastructures. What makes us different from other consultancies is the caring attitude we embody with our customers, the deep technical knowledge that our consultants pose, a proven track record second-to-none that extends over two decades. What makes us successful is knowing that the customer is successful.


We know Oracle technology back to front. Our consultants can create initial solutions, concepts and design; objectively breaking major problems into smaller, solvable pieces, resolve the issues and put in place practical working solutions that reflect our support philosophy. 


As a leader in IT solution, Support Technology offer tailored consulting services and system integration to suit all your needs. This includes:


  • Oracle Database Technology

  • Oracle Application Server Technology

  • Oracle RAC Deployments

  • Data Guard 

  • Golden Gate Replication Services

  • Implementation of Operating Systems and Database Technology Stacks

  • Performance Tuning

  • Systems Monitoring

  • Installation and Upgrade

  • Application and Data Migrations

  • Hardware purchasing, installation and deployment

  • Software Deployments

  • Sun Solaris and Oracle Linux Implementations